Travel Through Time - Vintage Cocktails in 2020

In the year 1920, two things rattled America- the first was an outbreak of Spanish Flu that rapidly turned into a global epidemic. The second was the passing of the 18th Amendment of the American Constitution that banned alcohol consumption.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging on and an epic scramble for liquor, we feel like were back in 1920 U.S.A. The Prohibition Era was rather oxymoronic - while consuming alcohol was illegal, some of the most famous cocktails were invented during this time. So, here are a few sippalicious cocktail mixes from The Prohibition Era for you to keep Sippin’ on!

1) Mojitos -

The Grandaddy of Cocktail Mixes was first created on the sandy shores of Cuba. Now, Mojitos are the go-to cocktail; be it day time or night time, a beach party or a house party! They are so simple to make and so refreshing that youll feel like you're in Havana when youre Sippin’ on one! You need 4 ingredients - liquor, lime, mint & sugar.

Dont have the patience to muddle, strain and shake?

Just snip open a packet of Sippins Mojito Mix to enjoy this classic cocktail mix, hassle-free!

2) Gin Rickey

A cocktail mix that predates Prohibition itself, the Gin Rickey was a drink enjoyed by politicians, lobbyists & journalists alike- a rather rare occurrence! Created by the prolific Colonel “Joe” Rickey, the original cocktail mix had a base of rum/whiskey. But the Gin Rickey gained a lot of traction during the Prohibition Era, owing to its unique tart flavour, that paired very well with bathtub gins. All you need is gin, lime, club soda and a minute to chef up a cocktail thatll keep you Sippin.

Add your own twist to this classic cocktail mix by using Sippins Lychee Lime mix to give it a tropical twist!

3) Mary Pickford

Named after an iconic Hollywood actress of the yesteryears, the Mary Pickford is a favorite amongst folks that love Sippin’ rum. It is an intoxicating tropical concoction that was born in Cuba and uses simple ingredients to make a chic cocktail - it mixes light rum, pineapple juice and grenadine to give you a stylish, pink cocktail mix thatll keep your girl gang Sippin’ throughout the night!

If you wanna switch things up, swap the pineapple juice with Sippins Pina Colada mix; explore a new dimension to this cocktail mix!

4) Sidecar

The sour drink to end all other sour drinks, the sidecar is a cocktail mix that needs delicate balance. Usually made with a brandy base (cognac, to be precise), it can also be made with bourbon and is mixed with orange liquer and lime to create a tangy masterpiece worth Sippin’ on. To be truly 1920s, add a sugar rim to your serving glass!

Add a flavourful tinge to this classic cocktail mix with Sippins Orange Cinnamon mix if youre in the mood to indulge!


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