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A hectic week at work, constantly putting out fires, meeting deadlines-our daily duties are  endless and can be exhausting!

At the end of that maddening week, all you can think about is throwing on your coziest pair of pyjamas and tucking yourself into bed to watch a movie. But what if we told you that you could cuddle with a cocktail instead?

With the pandemic wreaking havoc, we’ve cracked the code on how to keep you Sippin’!

To get you your perfect tipsy end to a super tiring day, Sippin’ has come up with a range of delectable instant mixes that can spruce up any house party or celebration.  

A spin on traditional mixes, our concoctions come with a twist—a hint of ginger, a dash of cinnamon, a touch of lemongrass, all combined and mixed in perfect proportions at our cocktail lab to help you unwind and go on a much-needed (alco)holiday!

It’s our mission to keep You Sippin’ and trippin’

Ayushi Chamaria, Founder

An economics major and math and business minor graduate from NYU, Ayushi experienced the corporate grind during her two-year stint at Morgan Stanley, before she came back to India to join her family business of manufacturing tea. Two years later, she is thankful for all of these experiences, which helped her envision Sippin’.

Just like the unconventionally delish twists nuancing our classic cocktail flavours, our founder, Ayushi Chamaria too is full of surprises. She is also an astrophysics enthusiast, a flautist and a dancer.


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Pour in 1 shot of your fav spirit

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Top up with 2 shots of water / soda

For Mocktails


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Sippin' mix


Top up with 3 shots of water / soda


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