7 Sippin’ & Snackin’ pairs you need to try

House parties have already taken over in 2021 and whether we like it or not, they’re probably going to hold their place as the new norm of socializing! When it comes to hosting a party, wine and cheese might be your go-to pairing, but we think it’s time to upgrade a bit. Maybe some exciting flavours? Perhaps some cocktails? But what can we pair with these cocktails? 

Here are some foods you can pair with your next Sippin’ experience!

Spicy Guava

To be honest, just about any appetizer your heart desires is a great complement to this refreshing drink, but this tropical number goes great with empanadas, mango-tomato salsa, or a fresh shrimp ceviche. Guava is also very nutritious, maybe not once you add vodka, but as they say on tik-tok, it’s always good to “add a little bit of spice”!


This sharply flavoured lime-based cocktail is a perfect pair for seafood. Latin American cuisine like tacos and quesadillas can also complement a mojito perfectly. You just can’t go wrong serving icy-cold glasses of Mojito’s with any savoury food! 

Watermelon Lemongrass 

Calling all watermelon lovers! What’s more refreshing than the sweet juicy flavour of watermelon? It takes you right back to pool parties and summer days on the beach! The savouriness of fried finger-foods like chicken wings, jalapeno poppers and onion rings will go amazingly with the freshness of this cocktail when mixed with vodka! And if you’re feeling a little more experimental, try mixing it with champagne and pairing it with chocolate-based desserts. Its lemongrass base notes will sing charmingly with every chocolaty bite!

Piña Colada

This rum-based cocktail has prominent notes of pineapple and coconut. A perfect summer drink, it can be paired with a spicy seafood plate. For all you vegetarians out there, a good Mexican snack like tacos or chips & salsa will do wonders for your palate! Try sticking to spicy barbeque flavours to get that perfect blend of zing and sweetness!

Orange Cinnamon

When mixed with whiskey, the orange cinnamon cocktail brings an almost old fashioned-esque taste. It can add so much flavour when paired with a lobster bisque, a mushroom soup, or any kind of creamy medley. The herbaceous and briny notes in the soup offset the tangy citrus in the drink and the creamy texture is cleansed from the palate with the perfectly subtle cinnamon. The “opposites attract” mentality works perfectly for this pair! 


Cranberry Ginger 

The subtly sweet & sour cranberry mixed with the zesty ginger pairs deliciously well with spicy curries like chicken/paneer tikka masala and elevates the flavours ever-so-slightly. Made with rum/vodka/gin, this slightly twisted version of the classic vodka-cranberry helps in taming the heat and acts as a very natural complement! 

Lychee Lime

Lychee Lime calls for spicy food time! The mild sweetness of Lychee is a perfect pairing for spicy foods – particularly those that lean on Asian flavours. Imagine indulging in some Sichuan Ma Po Tofu and sippin’ this cooling drink on the side. Yum! The lime undertone will strike that harmonious balance and will complement it without overpowering the food! That sounds like the perfect match! 


For all you mocktailers out there nodding your heads throughout this article, don’t worry! We got you covered! Swap out the alcohol for soda or water for an equally delicious drink! 

Let’s get sippin’!


By: Riddhi Redkar 


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