Clash of Cultures (Sippin’ Edition)

Have you taken one of those Buzzfeed quizzes asking you to prove your authenticity as a 90s kid? Yeah, we’ve done those too. After all, who doesnt like reliving Tazos, Just Mohabbat and Phantom sweet cigarettes?!

If youre from GenZ and didnt understand any of that, thats fine because generational lines are becoming quite blurry during this pandemic. From 16 year olds to 40 year olds, everyones taking Zoom classes, playing Ludo King Tournaments and becoming an Instagram chef and/or mixologist!

Social Media has brought generations together in many different ways. The Sippin’ culture of these generations is also colliding into a mixed bag of convenience and personalization. Here are 3 things Millennials AND GenZers want when it comes to Sippin’ on liquor!

1) A #DIY Experience

I think we can all agree that making our own drinks gives us the most satisfaction. Sometimes, the bartender just doesnt add enough gin for our palettes! Millennials as well as GenZ can both agree that when it comes to cocktail mixes, wed rather do it ourselves. Making the ideal drink to stay Sippin’ with is what the Sippin’ culture is all about, after all!

2) Quick Sips

The one thing neither Millennials nor GenZ can afford is time. The world has changed a lot, and recent changes have happened at a much quicker pace than anticipated. Quick sips is the keyword in the current Sippin culture. Most people just prefer to buy premixed cocktail mixes. A fast-paced world needs a fast-paced sippin’ culture.

3) Pocket-friendly drinks

The pure joy of making memories while creating something different” with your squad is what excites the youth of India. We dont need to spend our money on obnoxious & expensive commodities to have fun; wed rather put it into conversation-igniting activities and experiences. Sippin’ represents a culture of affordability and ease that everyone deserves.


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