The New Normal for Sippers and Ragers


Bright lights, ambient atmosphere, a lively crowd and, of course, cocktail mixes that you can keep sippin’ on.

Party culture, as we know it, has transformed into what we call “the New Normal.” Thanks to the novel coronavirus, social distancing is becoming the norm and masked faces and gloved hands don't mix with cocktails and conversations.

Though India has been “unlocking” for a few months now, we think it’s risky to go back to clubs and bars to keep Sippin’ and spinnin’. But no sweat, because socialising while socially distancing can be fun too! 

Here are 4 major transformations the world of sippin’ has undergone:

1) Be Your Own Bartender

BYOB has a new meaning and it is here to stay! Gone are the days of hopping from one club to another. While we might be missing our mixes, a chill night at your pad doesn’t have to be a dry one.

It’s time to Be Your Own Bartender. Making your own cocktail mixes and jamming out with your gang- what more can you ask for than a sippin’ soiree?!

2) House Parties are the New Normal.

Hello, home!

Staying in is the new chill. Pick your PJs, call up your people, focus on food and get Sippin’ on your own drinks. We can practically guarantee that even after COVID-19 goes away (and it will, let’s have some spirit, guys), house parties will be the new ragers.

3)  Personalize your party

Recreational activities are meant to be personal. Chill at your own terms with your favourite playlist, your kinda mood lighting and your close, personal crew. All it needs is a little bit of planning- set up your ambience, pick a theme that is loved by all and Sippin’s got you covered on affordable cocktails for all your buddies

4) On Satur-daze, we Netflix & Sip

Sippin’ your favourite cocktail as you binge-watch Schitt’s Creek or root for your favorite IPL team is the ideal way to unwind. Staying in is the new chill-in.

Sip your way through the New Normal!


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